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Open water swimming is a popular activity when bodies of water are readily available in nature.  This is true of Washington's Puget Sound region, but it's often hard to tell which lakes, ponds, and bays are viable options. This theoretical citizen science mobile application lets swimmers access crowdsourced information about which locations are the most desirable and feasible, and also lets them add their own information to the platform.

 A preview of Version 1 of my app can be found here, and Version 2 can be found here.


The goal of the first iteration was to get ideas on paper – to create a simple user flow that contained all the information the app needed to contain, and to keep this information as organized as possible.  In the second version of the app, I refined this user flow, added more elegant gestures, and made navigation more consistent.

All Version 2 page prototypes

All Version 2 page prototypes