This project was created for the course HCDE 310: Interactive Systems Design and Technology.
Languages used: Python, HTML, CSS.

For my final project, I  was tasked with creating a web application that utilized data from an API.  I chose the Spoonacular API, a recipe hosting site that allows you to search for recipes, organize them, and create meal plans.

Fridge To Table is a web application that helps users quickly put meal ideas together, based on ingredients they enter. Everyone, at some point, has peeked into their fridge and noticed mismatched but close-to-expiry groceries, but not a clue how to combine them into a meal. Googling multiple recipes proves to be tedious if you’re not cooking for a party of one. Users often look to create several dishes to feed several hungry mouths, and at the same time, use up their groceries. That’s where Fridge To Table comes in handy.

Landing page

Search result page

A user inputs one or more ingredients that they want to use, and checks the dish types they’d like to include in their meal. They are then given randomly selected recipes that pertain to which dish types they selected, as well as a list of other recipes to consider.

See the final product at:


This is a continuous project – check back soon for updated features and functionality!
Updated December 17, 2016